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Serving suggestions

Serving suggestions

We’re so proud to have created a product which will taste exceptional; however you choose. We’ve shared our three founders’ favorite ways to enjoy CROE below, but if you’d like to try something more experimental, you can find recipes created by our favourite chefs here


Co-founder Zee likes to keep things simple. His favourite way to enjoy CROE is simply from a spoon - don’t just pick one from the cutlery drawer though, metal impacts the taste of caviar. You can purchase a traditional mother of pearl spoon


Konstantin likes to keep things classic, eating his caviar on delicate blinis, with all the traditional accoutrements. His essentials are egg yolks and whites ー separated and diced ー shallots and chives.


Iranian-born Mo likes to eat his CROE Persian-style. Take small slices of buttered toast, diced white onion, caviar and a squeeze of lemon and experience a taste revelation.